Expert tips for fresh, flawless makeup that looks, well, like you’re not wearing makeup.


Even though wedding makeup is usually very simple and neutral, it's one of the hardest makeup looks to create, since it has to be PERFECT.


You might have to go from day and night looks. There are certain occasions for which you may want to look extra special. A party or big event can be the perfect time to go the extra mile with your makeup.



I am a make-up artist currently based Orange County, in California specialized in makeup for Weddings, Quinceaneras, Natural/ Full Coverage makeup. I am also a Photographer with high expectations of highlining and contour beauty trending. My goal is to satisfy clients by providing creativity, quality service, and attention to detail. I am a very passionate and enthusiastic person who loves her beauty work, is reliable, and always aims to achieve and exceed all challenges and goals.

After completing several years of studies in Professional Makeup and Media Producer as well as obtaining years of experience in Los Angeles,  out of states work and Seattle, Bellevue, Washington area, I furthered my education by enrolling in a Degree in Makeup in “SMakeup School” Beauty School, one of the best in the country. The areas that I received training included Makeup Film, Theater, Fashion, Photography. This degree later fully introduced me to the world of beauty. 

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